What will the weather be like on the Tour of the Roses?

Well… we can’t promise sunshine, that’s for sure. Kendal will be cool with a chance of rain in early September, but there’s always a chance of more extreme weather, particularly in the hills of the Lake District and Dales.

The average temperature in Kendal during September is 12.4 degrees Celsius, with a low of 8.8 degrees and a high of 16.1 degrees. If we’re lucky and the skies clear it could easily get into the twenties. If we’re unlucky, it could quickly drop to a chilly five or six degrees, which will feel even colder descending or in a wind.

There’s an average of 110mm rainfall in September (compared with a low of 66mm in April and a high of 128mm in December). What exactly does this mean? You have to assume it’s going to rain and you will get wet at some point.

Importantly, the weather you see out of the window at the start of the day, may not be the weather you’re experiencing towards the end of a ride. And it could change several times inbetween.

Pack layers, bring a breathable waterproof, ideally with a windproof coating. Bring long-fingered gloves. The good news is you can put a small day bag in the support van, so you’ll have the chance to change into something dry or grab an extra layer midway if you’ve misjudged it.