Is the Tour of the Roses a race or a competition?

The Tour of the Roses is categorically not a race. But it does involve a bunch of guys (and gals) riding bikes up hills. It may just get competitive. You can go as hard or easy as you like, as long as you ride safe.

We’ll split into groups of eight to ten on Day One and set out at roughly 15 minute intervals. We’ll ride together as a no-drop group, then splinter on the classified climbs, using Strava times to assess form. We’ll always wait and regroup at the top before riding on together.

On Day Two we’ll group by approximate ability. Let us know if you’d rather stick with friends and remember you can always drop back on the day to join a following group if you can’t keep pace. The rider (from any group) who’s quickest up the four classified climbs will take the coveted KOM/QOM prize.

By Day Three everyone’s going to be spent, so we’ll ride socially in mixed groups with the two classified climbs of the day adding a dash of spice to proceedings.