How fit do I need to be to ride the Tour of the Roses?

We’d strongly recommend you train intentionally and regularly before taking on the Tour of the Roses. In the months before you should make sure you’re regularly doing rides of 100km taking in as many of the local hills en route as feasible.

The distances covered each day on the Tour of the Roses aren’t extreme, however the number and steepness of the climbs, particularly on Day Two is likely to be a challenge you’re not used to. Then you also have to consider the cumulative effect of riding multiple days. This can be exhausting, both physically and mentally.

If you regularly participate in fast club rides, or if you’ve completed one of the big UK sportives like the Fred Whitton or Dragon Ride, you should be fine. We’ll likely be riding at between 25-30kph between the hills then slowing right down to grind up them. You’re free to punch up the climbs as aggressively as you like - as long as you wait and regroup at the top.

If you’re a technical type and measure your power and weight ratios, then anyone with an FTP upwards of 3W/kg should be comfortable, bearing in mind the hills will favour the lighter riders.