How many people will be riding the Tour of the Roses?

We’re intentionally keeping the numbers small. Expect anywhere between 16-24 riders, split into groups of eight to ten people out on the road, rotating every day so you ride with new people.

The idea is to favour quality over quantity and as much as it means the Tour of the Roses isn’t going to be a money-spinner, we at least get to organise the kind of ride we’d want to participate in. It will be much more social than your usual mass-market sportives.

There’s a good chance you’ll get to speak to everyone at some point during the weekend - and hopefully make some new friends. There’s no better way to bond than going up a brutal climb or two with someone. Misery loves company.

It’s also a safer number out on the road. We’ll cause less local disruption, stay the right side of locals and small groups will be easier for cars to pass. We’ll all be able to squeeze into one pub at the end of each day’s riding, and into one restaurant for our Awards Ceremony (don’t worry, jeans and trainers are fine).