How can my brand become associated with the Tour of the Roses?

Well thank you for asking! If you’re a cycling-related brand we’d love a contribution of cash or goodies to help make the event commercially viable, or more attractive to entrants.

We recognise this is only a small event, with a maximum of 24 participants, but the marketing effort will reach a much broader audience, mostly comprised of dedicated UK-based cyclists. Our associated blog,, which we’ll be using to promote the event, reaches a couple of thousand UK cyclists a month.

Any kind of sponsorship or involvement is negotiable. We’re happy to put your logo on the website and any event-related communications - we’d even consider a naming sponsor for the right brand and offer. Alternatively, you may be able to provide sports nutrition, mechanical support, or some other payment in kind.

The best way to get in touch is by sending an email or you can use the contact form on the booking page.