From the first strong coffee of the morning to the last squeeze of energy gel on the final climb, we’ve got it covered. You won’t have to worry about anything other than getting up those hills and whether to go with salt & vinegar or cheese & onion crisps.



Road Captains


Andrew Elliott

Andy is a cycling obsessive, spending hours analysing routes and climbs, not to mention in the saddle. He loves a good climb, although less so since taking on the Mortirolo last year.


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Steven Elliott

Steve is the brains behind the Tour of the Roses and therefore the one to blame if you really don’t enjoy it. He’s much faster on a bike than Andrew but doesn’t like to talk about it.


If we get sufficient interest we’ll arrange for a third guide to lead one of the groups. We have someone in mind and he’s very handsome, we just don’t have a picture of him to put up yet. Trust us on this one.



Support team

The broom wagon

Brother-in-law CJ will be manning the van, dishing out the inner tubes and picking up any stragglers with serious mechanicals. Besides being extremely handy, CJ’s an ace photographer and will be taking shots of the weekend. The van will also be carrying day bags for everyone so you can take an extra thermal layer or waterproof in case of changing conditions.

The feed stops

Home-made sandwiches, sausage rolls, Lancashire eccles cakes, Yorkshire parkin, Kendal mint cake and flapjacks will be supplied by Grannie Annie and Aunty Gill. All natural, nothing synthetic to upset your tummy. They’ll be setting up the lunch stops and serving hot tea and coffee. They’ll also be carrying emergency ibuprofen and applying sun cream and plasters.



There for each other


Connect on Strava

There’s a private Tour of the Roses club on Strava. As soon as you’re signed up, apply to join and you’ll be able to see who’s coming and how they’re training. And of course, compare times on the day.


Chat on WhatsApp

During the event we’ll create a WhatsApp group to use for a bit of banter, summoning mechanical support from the crew, or figuring out which restaurant or pub everyone’s going to.